Tile Flooring 
About Tile Flooring
Tile flooring has existed for thousands of years. Tile naturally attracts compliments with its beauty and refined nature.
Appropriate for every room in your house, you can use tile in areas where nothing else will work, even in areas with standing water like basements, showers, and baths. From large tiles to small mosaics, you’ll find the right type for your application in anything from elegant natural stone to low cost ceramic.
If you’re really adventurous you can even explore the many different tile flooring patterns available. Through creative use of the different tile sizes and mosaics you can put together an intricate pattern that will excite compliments from family and friends.
Ideas for Your Home & Office
You can find the right application for your home or office. Whether it’s a natural stone or a porcelain tile, there’s a floor material that will work for your kitchen, entryway, bathroom, or living room. Warmth might not be the word you think of when you think of tile, but the rich gold tones of stone are sure to give a sense of warmth to any space. If your feet are prone to being cold, a well-positioned throw rug, socks, or even radiant floor heat is an option.
For many homeowners, a tile floor is an important part of having a comfortable home. Tile is used exclusively in many homes in hot climates because it stays cool during the day and stays warmer during the cool nights. This ambient thermal quality really makes a difference with any extremes in temperature.
The Advantages of a Tile Floor
Beauty - You’ll be hard-pressed to find flooring materials more beautiful than a natural stone or porcelain. The variations of stone give a rich character to any floor. From warm browns and ambers to cool blues and greens you can find a stone or porcelain that fits both your décor and your budget.
Easy to Clean - Tile is easy to clean because it’s generally impervious to water. If your grout lines are sealed, the floor generally won’t need much more cleaning than a weekly sweeping and spot cleaning. If you want to run a wet mop over the top of the tiles from time to time, that certainly wouldn’t hurt!
Low Maintenance - In addition to being easy to clean, the maintenance on tile floors is minimal. They aren’t inclined to scratching, gouging, or breaking as long as you take care to properly prepare your subfloor.
Durability - Porcelain tile simply won’t wear out. The hardness of stone varies on the type you choose, but you can be sure The Rowan Group L.L.C.  will keep you well-informed about the benefits of and details about any tile you choose.
Water & Stain Resistance - Vitreous tiles simply will not absorb liquid, making them impervious to staining, except in extreme cases. In the case of vitreous tiles there are many additives you can use to treat the surface of the tile in order to make your preferred tiles stain and water resistant.
Common Types of Tile
Stone - Stone is beautiful, rich in color, and available in many textures from refined travertine to rustic, tumbled stone. When you’re looking for a natural look in your home, stone tiles are a great place to start.
Ceramic - Ceramic tile spans the gaps between price, functionality, and beauty. Since ceramic tiles are manufactured using modern techniques, there are many beautiful, natural looking tiles available. Additionally, ceramics can be used in almost every application from kitchen to basement.
Porcelain - Porcelain is the most elegant version of ceramic tile. Porcelain is a highly-refined product; it’s dense and totally unaffected by high amounts of traffic. It also doesn’t absorb water, so can be used everywhere, even outside.
Glass - Tiles made of glass are beautiful and functional. They’re gorgeous in backsplash applications and bathrooms. Glass is also totally impervious to liquid, so in the right setting they’re great for wet applications. Glass is very slippery when wet, so it is recommended to be used only in vertical applications.
Tile is one of the most beautiful types of flooring you can use. It can be used to bring new life to many spaces in your home or office. Tile is easy to care for, tough, and affordable, making it ideal for anyone. The Rowan Group L.L.C. is dedicated to bringing you the best prices, customer service, and shipping on your next flooring purchase, so browse our wide selection of tile today.