Refinish those old hardwood floors!
The easiest and most economical way to save the look of your old floors is by sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring. Years of wear and tear can cause wood floors to become dull and refinishing is needed to restore their original luster and beauty.
The first thing we do when buying a new home is…
Many of us pull up the old carpet only to find hardwood floors beneath them! That is an incredible feeling and is an easy way to bring warmth and elegance back into your home. Whatever the reason for your remodeling and redecorating efforts, The Rowan Group takes great pride in transforming your old floors into a beautiful floor you will enjoy showing off for years to come.
How can you tell if you need those old floors refinished?We have a special trick you can do at home. Just pour a little bit of water on your floors. If the water beads up on the floor and the floor does not change color, your finish is still in great shape.
If the floor changes color at all, then you should probably make a call to have us come out and look at the floors.
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