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The Rowan Group offer a larges selection of carpet. Our trained staff of flooring experts will assist you in finding the right carpet for any room at the right price that Jack’s is always known for. Whether you're looking for a high-end patterned carpet for a formal area or a solid colored saxony for a high traffic area we have one of the largest carpet selections you will find in Houston.
The Rowan Group carries all lines of major manufacturers’ names like Mohawk Floorscapes, Shaw, Coronet, Masland, Stanton and others. We have the styles, the selection and prices that you want and now with our convenient in Home Shopping Option it’s simpler and easier than ever before to have the carpet you want. We know your time is important and what better place to shop for carpet but right in your home; The Rowan Group makes it as Easy As 1 – 2 – 3.
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Mohawk Floorscapes® Carpets
For more than 120 years, the name Mohawk® has been synonymous with beautiful carpet. From the skilled hands of Mohawk's craftsmen, an array of colors, styles, and textures have enhanced the homes of many generations of Americans.
In addition to Mohawk, we also carry fine carpets from leading names, like Shaw, Coronet, Masland, Stanton and Laura Ashley which all provide unbelievable choices in carpet fashions in Houston, Texas.
Come in and let the experts at The Rowan Group help you find the right carpet for your home, or contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation.
Below you will find a brief overview of carpeting styles and fibers to help you decide which one is just right for you.
Textured surface helps hide footprints
Great casual appearance
Extremely popular style
Ideal for active families, used in any room
Textured surface, with knubby appearance
Extremely durable, and long wearing
Great for active rooms
One of the most popular styles
Smooth, soft cut-pile surface
Versatile in performance & in appearance
Works well with traditional rooms
Used a lot in formal areas
Fine, tip sheared surface
Elegant style, very formal
Not as popular as some of the other styles
Distinctive carved appearance
Cut and loops give a variety of surface levels
Multi-colors helps hide stains, and traffic
Can really spice up a room
Fits a variety of room settings
Several different levels of loops
Creates a unique looking pattern effect
Has a casual appearance
Very durable, hides traffic well
Equal level of loops
Popular in Commercial Buildings
Very durable, hides traffic well
Special Note About Berbers: Berbers are really big bulky yarns that are either produced in a level loop, or multi-level loop carpet construction. Although many Berbers are made out of olefin fiber, some are made with nylon, or a blend of various carpet fibers.
Nylon Carpets: This is the most popular synthetic carpet fiber used today. It offers tremendous value, performance, and ease of maintenance. Nylon provides brilliant colors and hides soil and traffic well.
Carpet Fibers
Olefin Carpets: This fiber is also called polypropylene, and is extremely popular in Berbers and level loops. Olefin carpets are highly stain, static, mold, and mildew resistant. They can be used for indoor or outdoor carpets, including outdoor turf. Their resistance to matting and crushing are not as good as a nylon fiber.
Polyester Carpets: Gives excellent color clarity with a soft feel to the carpet. Lacks the durability of a nylon carpet.
Acrylic Carpets: Has a real wool look and appearance. Used mainly in level loops, bath mats, and some velvet carpet styles. Offers good mold and mildew resistance with low static levels.
Wool Carpets: Although somewhat expensive wool still offers great bulk, performance, and an elegant look.